New book – The Resilient Garden and Allotment Handbook

In The Resilient Garden and Allotment Handbook, expert organic gardener Sally Morgan shares a wide range of ecological concepts from permaculture, regenerative gardening, agroecology and more to boost your garden’s biodiversity and enrich your soil. This must-have guide will help you:

  • Build your soil so it’s full of healthy organic matter and protect it through no-dig practices, composting, cover crops and mulching
  • Increase resilience through productive plant combinations and polyculture
  • Create wildlife-friendly habitats utilising walls and fences, log piles, water features and wild corners
  • Choose the right plants to attract pollinators and plant defenders
  • Combat disease and keep pests at bay using natural predators, companion planting and trap and barrier crops
  • The importance of collecting genetically diverse seeds from plants that have adapted to local conditions
  • Sustainably manage water in your garden, especially in times of drought or excessive rainfall

Whether you’re a passionate gardener, allotment holder or grower, The Resilient Garden and Allotment Handbook will help you future-proof your garden by giving it everything it needs to adapt and succeed, whatever the climate challenge.

(Previously published as The Healthy Vegetable Garden, now updated and revised)