The Healthy veg garden

New book

Sally’s latest book, The Healthy Vegetable Garden published in September.

In The Healthy Vegetable Garden, organic gardener Sally Morgan explains how to use natural approaches to cope with the challenges of a changing climate through principles from regenerative gardening, agroecology, and permaculture—all to help your green space thrive.

The Healthy Vegetable Garden shows you how to:

  • Combat disease and keep pests at bay with natural predators, companion planting, and trap and barrier crops
  • Choose the right plants to attract pollinators and pest predators
  • Build a healthy soil full of organic matter, earthworms, and mycorrhizal fungi
  • Regenerate soil through no-dig practices, composting, cover crops, and mulching
  • Boost biodiversity through the use of crop rotations and polyculture
  • Rewild your garden by creating a range of habitats, making use of walls and fences, log piles, water features, and wild corners
  • Understand plant defences and use biocontrols
  • Make natural barriers, traps, and lures

A healthy, productive garden should work in harmony with nature to produce and protect delicious fruits and vegetables and build a rich soil that is full of life. With The Healthy Vegetable Garden, growers of all levels will start reducing incidents of pests and diseases while creating a verdant habitat—all without the need for artificial fertilizers and pesticides.

Publishes 2 September 224 pages Publisher Chelsea Green ISBN 9781645020646

You can buy your signed copy directly from Sally here :

The price is £17 which includes UK post and packing and a free pack of flower seeds for your veg plot.

Unfortunately she cannot send to book to overseas addresses so please contact your local bookshop.