Sally has written more than 250 books over the last 25 years, ranging from first readers for young children to A level texts and adult non fiction.

Sally’s latest book, The Healthy Vegetable Garden, is published by Chelsea Green in September 2021. Sally looks at how you can create a resilient, biodiverse growing space with a soil that’s full of life, all without the need for fertilisers, pesticides or weedkillers.

There’s plenty of information, from  choosing the right plants to attract pollinators and natural predators, regenerating your soil through no-dig practices and composting, building up your soil life, and boosting biodiversity through the use of productive plant combinations, polyculture and rewilding.

Find out more and pre-order a copy here

Two years ago Sally teamed up with  Kim Stoddart (editor of The Organic Way, published by Garden Organic) to write The Climate Change Garden. The book published June 2019 and can  be ordered from The Climate Change Garden website.

Another best selling book is  Living on one acre or less  published by Green Books in 2015. This has just been reprinted with a new chapter on coping with extreme weather. The book can be ordered can from The Climate Change Garden website.

Other books include

The Incredible Life of David Attenborough (Big Cat, Collins)

Living Fossils (Big Cat, Collins)

Beetles (Big Cat, Collins)

The Book of Caterpillars (contributor, Ivy Press)