Sally is an avid gardener and plant lover, growing her first plants at the tender age of 5, and was encouraged by both grandfathers who were keen vegetable growers. On moving to a 3-acre smallholding in Hampshire, her dreams of keeping animals were realized and soon she had a menagerie of chickens, ducks, geese and a few sheep. A few years later, a visit to Rosemary Verey’s potager at Barnsley House led to development of a new kitchen garden. A lack of space (common on all smallholdings!) resulted in the move to Empire Farm. Although the farm  has 100 acres with organic certification,  Sally works on about 10 acres, leaving the rest to be grazed by a flock of sheep owned by a local farmer. Her main focus is her one-acre-plot with a polytunnel, vegetable growing areas, a perennial vegetable plot, a small orchard and fruit cage and several livestock pens. She loves to grow unusual vegetables such as yakon, oca, ulluco, achocha, tree spinach etc and experiment with different methods. Her latest is deep mulching in Ruth Stout style. There are also a few community allotments on the plot, which shows you just how much can be grown on one acre!

Sally studied Natural Sciences (botany)  at Girton College Cambridge. After a few years or research and teaching, Sally set up a photographic library and started writing  articles and  non-fiction books. To-date, she has written more than 250 books, on a wealth of subjects including natural history, science, and geography.  She is editor of Organic Farming Magazine published by the Soil Association and writes regularly for CountrySmallholder and other smallholding magazines.

After writing on climate change and other environmental issues for many years, she turned her attention to how her garden and plot would be affected by a changing climate. Teaming up with Kim Stoddart, she wrote The Climate Change Garden which was published by Green Rocket Books in summer 2019 (more on her Climate Change  Garden website.

Another of her books,  One  Living on an acre or less, was published by Green Books and launched at the Edible Gardening Show at Stoneleigh, Warwickshire  in March 2016. She also enjoyed writing a biography on one of her heroes, David Attenborough. The Incredible Life of David Attenborough was published by  HarperCollins in autumn 2017.

Sally gives talks on smallholding, growing on small spaces and climate change gardening. She was guest speaker at the Edible Garden Show, River Cottage Festival and the Welsh Spring Festival. She also provides consultancy on climate change gardening and smallholding matters.

Follow Sally on Twitter @Sally_Morgan and on instagram sallymorgan_empirefarm